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Valentina's Tango (DVD Review)

18 May, 2008 By: Anne Sherber

Valentina's Tango

Street 5/27/08
$24.95 DVD
Rated ‘R' for sexual content, language and brief violence.
Stars Hugo del Carril, Guillermina Quiroga, George Perez, Jordi Caballero, Dianna Miranda.

Valentina's Tango, a dark drama that aspires to the operatic, is the story of one family's journey spanning two generations, as they move from the innocence of the old country to the cynicism and corruption that infects the family like a virus as they establish themselves in America.

As a young couple in Spain, the love that Valentina and Eduardo feel for each other is exceeded only by their intense physical attraction. Forced to marry when her family finds them naked and entangled, they move to America where they open a club that features the pair dancing the tango with the same white-hot intensity they enjoy in bed.

The club is successful and the couple's two sons enjoy everything the new world has to offer, eventually finding themselves on very different paths. One is about to enter the priesthood and one is poised to become a crime boss. But a woman stands between the pair, complicating everything.

Quiroga, a Penelope Cruz look-alike, is affecting as Valentina, a woman whose deep and abiding love for her husband is eventually her undoing. Also very good are Caballero and Perez as father and son, both trying, in their own ways, to keep their family intact.

As a multigenerational saga, Valentina's Tango dips its toes into the fertile soil that has produced many cinematic masterpieces. Although it does not rise to that level, it is an interesting look at a family's assimilation and eventual destruction.

It also features some very exciting scenes of tango, which will appeal to fans of shows such as “Dancing With the Stars” and “So You Think You Can Dance.”

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