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Spaced: The Complete Series (DVD Review)

15 Jun, 2008 By: Kyra Kudick


Prebook 6/17/08; Street 7/22/08
BBC Video
$59.98 three-DVD set
Not rated.
Stars Simon Pegg, Jessica Hynes.

My only criticism of “Spaced” is that it lasted for just 14 episodes, leaving its audience sadly wanting more.

The British cult comedy, which aired from 1999 to 2001, stars co-creators Simon Pegg (Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead) and Jessica Hynes (Shaun of the Dead) respectively as as Tim, a struggling comic book artist, as Daisy, a not-so-budding freelance journalist. The two are twentysomething Londoners who meet in a cafe and develop a friendship as they both search for apartments.

They finally find the perfect flat, but it will only be rented to a professional couple … so they pose as a couple to secure it. And thus begins the hilarity.

The show has a Seinfeldian quality in that it turns ordinary situations, such as housewarming parties and job interviews, into truly funny comedy as the audience gets to know and grows to love the characters.

Fans of the sci-fi and horror genres will appreciate the many references to favorite TV shows and movies, but it is hardly a prerequisite for enjoying the series. Those who enjoy British comedy, or just excellent comedic writing, also will find the show appealing.

For those videophiles who enjoy DVD extras, this set does not disappoint. Along with the usual extras of deleted scenes and outtakes, it includes two commentaries: the original from the first British DVD release with Pegg, Hynes and director Edgar Wright; and a new one with guests Quentin Tarantino, Kevin Smith, Bill Hader, Matt Stone, Patton Ostwalt and Diablo Cody, all admitted fans of the show.

Also included is a Q & A with cast and crew recorded at the National Film Theatre in London October 2007, as well as the feature-length documentary Skip to the End on how it all began. A particularly fun feature is the Homage-O-Meter, an onscreen tracking device for the pop-culture references made in the show. (This may be a particularly helpful feature to viewers who aren’t from Generation X).

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