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Sinner (DVD Review)

21 Jun, 2009 By: Angelique Flores


Street 6/30/09
$19.98 DVD
Not rated.
Stars Nick Chinlund, Georgina Cates.

Worlds collide when Lil, a prostitute and hustler, meets the Catholic priest Father Anthony.

In a small town, Father Anthony is the pastor at St. Augustine’s Church. His younger, more conservative colleague, Father Stephen, is frustrated with the lack of parishioners, as well as with Anthony’s lackadaisical attitude toward the situation.

Anthony, meanwhile, is facing a mid-life crisis, stoked by his personal conflicts with Catholicism and the scandals from the molestations at other churches. His faith is further tested when Lil appears.

Foul-mouthed yet attractive Lil has a long rap sheet, and she preys on priests. She gets into a tangle with Stephen and winds up at the police station. Trying to resolve matters, Anthony gets caught in the middle.

While Anthony wants to help Lil, Stephen just wants her gone. He begins spying on them to see if there is something more to their relationship.

Their time spent together ends up transforming Anthony and Lil, without either of them really trying.

There’s nothing preachy here in this drama set in a church. In fact, it can be pretty crude and irreverent. The actors do a wonderful job with a script that at times is not as strong as it could be.

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