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Sid the Science Kid (DVD Review)

5 Jul, 2009 By: John Latchem


Prebook 7/7/09; Street 8/4/09
$12.99 DVD each
Not rated

This PBS show uses lively CG animation to teach science and creativity to preschoolers in a fun way. With its cute characters and simple set pieces, “Sid the Science Kid” has the feel of a puppet show, which should be no surprise since it’s produced by the Jim Henson Company.

Every episode is basically the same, with the exception of the topic of the day. Sid wakes up each day with a new question or problem, he takes the problem to school to study further, then returns home to apply his newfound knowledge.

Recurring bits include “Sid’s Survey”; the “Super Fab Lab,” which encourages viewers to get involved in the activity; and “Good Laughternoon,” a kiddie version of the “Laugh-in” joke wall. The show also heavily injects music into its stories. Many songs are repeated episode-to-episode, making it that much easier for kids to learn them.

The first two DVDs, Change Happens and The Bug Club, include four episodes each and the bonus disc Front Row Fun, a sampler of other preschool programming.

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