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Ruby Blue (DVD Review)

1 Jun, 2009 By: Angelique Flores

Ruby Blue

Prebook 6/3/09; Street 6/30/09
$24.99 DVD
Not rated.
Stars Bob Hoskins, Josiane Balasko.

This delightful film is a feel-good movie with quirks and surprises up until the end. It at first seems like the “grumpy old man gets happy with the help of a cute kid” story, but it’s much more than that.

Jack (Bob Hoskins) is the grumpy old man who has let himself go after his wife’s passing. It seems he has no one until he meets 8-year-old Florrie, who has just moved in next door with her mom.

Florrie has taken an interest in Jack, who ends up taking care of her while her mother is at work. Another new neighbor, Stephanie from France, also has noticed the lonely man. Played by the effortlessly charming Josiane Balasko (Absolutely Fabulous), Stephanie starts to fall for Jack, but she has a secret about her past that may prevent them from being together.

Meanwhile, Stephanie encourages Jack to take a neighborhood teen, Ian, under his wing, to train his prize racing-pigeon Ruby. The old man tries to keep the boy away from the negative influence of his trouble-making friends and away from his neglectful mother.

So Jack’s house has gone from a messy, empty nest to a busy home filled with friends and laughter.

Things get turned upside down when the neighborhood questions why the old man spends his time with the children, especially when Florrie disappears. The truth about Jack, Florrie and Stephanie all come to light in a satisfying ending.

Ruby Blue is a heartwarming film with original music from KT Tunstall. The movie has just the right amounts of drama to keep viewers interested and humor to lighten the heavy scenes.

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