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Robot Chicken: Star Wars — Episode II (DVD Review)

14 Jul, 2009 By: John Latchem


Street 7/21/09
Animated Comedy
$19.97 DVD
Not rated.

The “Robot Chicken” crew is back with another affectionate skewering of their favorite franchise. The second episode pretty much picks up where the first one left off but seems a bit tighter in its presentation. A lot of the focus is on the popular bounty hunter characters from The Empire Strikes Back, with an ongoing storyline of the Emperor (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) wanting to hire them as a response to Darth Vader’s failure to capture the Millennium Falcon.

The DVD adds to the hilarity with a 38-minute extended version of the episode, plus tons of behind-the-scenes material. A lot of the humor stems from applying real-world situations to “Star Wars” settings. For example, in one of the sketches from the extended version, the shutdown of the Death Star trash compactor means Vader can’t dispose of his fish leftovers.

It’s hard to say how anyone who isn’t a geek and who grew up in the 1980s will react to the sketches, but it’s a slam dunk for anyone who fits the key demographic.

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