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Robbin’ in Da Hood (DVD Review)

9 May, 2009 By: Erika Carmona

Robbin in da hood

Prebook 5/15/09; Street 6/16/09
$16.98 DVD
Not rated.
Stars Tyrone Burton, Cocoa Brown, Countrified Wedman, Danny Strong.

Everyone is probably familiar with the legend of Robin Hood in one way or another. Now, the famed thief who robs from the rich and gives to the poor has been translated to an urban setting with Robbin’ in Da Hood.

Xavier (Tyrone Burton from TV’s “The Parent ’Hood”) and his four childhood buddies have a plan to rob Hidale (John Moody), the neighborhood drug dealer, as a means to pay for medicine prescriptions and doctor visits for his daughter, who is seriously ill with an unexplained disease. Before long a group of broke “pimps” joins in on the fun, and mayhem ensues.

Xavier’s group needs the money and the wannabe pimps are too lazy to earn their keep, so throughout the whole film they set up a plan to get “paid.”

The opening scenes are the best part of Robbin’ in Da Hood, but the film has a hard time sustaining its momentum, occasionally diverting into scenes that don’t have much to do with the main plot.

Those who enjoyed Friday and its sequels will find some similarities with this film.

Rounding out the cast are such notables as Vincent Ward of Who Killed Bishop Brown and Danny Strong, a mainstay on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Gilmore Girls,” and an Emmy nominee for writing the TV movie Recount.

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