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Quarter Life Crisis (DVD Review)

18 May, 2008 By: John Latchem

Quarter Life Crisis

Prebook 5/20/08; Street 6/17/08
Echo Bridge
$14.99 DVD
Not rated.
Stars Lisa Ray, Maulik Pancholy, Russell Peters.

Kiran Merchant's Quarter Life Crisis is a cute romantic comedy based on the idea that there's no rulebook for falling in love. In doing so, the movie follows the book for romantic comedies to a fault.

Its protagonist is Neil (Pancholy), a designer of pop-up Internet ad campaigns. When he turns 27 he decides he's not quite ready to commit to his live-in girlfriend, Angel (Ray). When she cuts him loose, he makes a bet with a womanizing buddy as to who can go on the most dates within the next week.

As their contest begins, Neil wins a week's worth of limo service with a chauffeur (Peters) who constantly spouts love advice in the form of astrological theories.

Neil meets a variety of girls, including one who simply enters the limo thinking it's a taxi. He also manages to unknowingly make a date with a co-worker and ends up standing her up, leading to the usual scene where the scorned woman wishes him a nice life. Her implied desire to never see him again will no doubt be made difficult by the fact they work together, although the aftermath of this conversation is not a concern of the script.

Rather, Merchant and co-writer Rehana Mirza focus on the theme of appreciating the love you have, rather than pining for the love you don't. Never mind that all we really know about Angel is that she is gorgeous, and at one point was devoted to Neil, who seems to have more chemistry with the limo girl.

Complicating Neil's love dilemma are his obnoxious friends and a reality show that wants to broadcast his love life as a one-hour special.

While the story and its resolution border on conventional, Merchant injects a little life into it with some snappy graphics that seep into the narrative, much like the ads Neil designs.

There's nothing profound here, but there's nothing offensive and it will serve a satisfying-enough diversion for 90 minutes.


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