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My Mom's New Boyfriend (DVD Review)

11 May, 2008 By: Rachel Cericola

Prebook 5/15/08; Street 6/17/08
Sony Pictures
$24.96 DVD
Rated ‘PG-13' for sexual content, language, some violence and drug material.
Stars Colin Hanks, Meg Ryan, Selma Blair, Antonio Banderas, Enrico Colantoni.

Newly engaged and slightly wound-up FBI agent Henry (Hanks) comes home after a stretch to find his mom, Marty (Ryan), has turned hottie — and slightly slutty.

After a twist of fate, Marty meets Tommy (Banderas). Finally it seems that she's found one of the good guys. Unfortunately, that guy is actually on the FBI's watch list. From there, you can almost hear Henry wind just a bit tighter, as he's forced to follow and eavesdrop on his mom's dates and her new lover's lifestyle.

For Ryan fans, the film is less When Harry Met Sally and more Kate and Leopold, throwing together two fairly likeable leads and stretching a bit on the plotline. However, fans might appreciate the chance to see Ryan back in the romantic-comedy genre.

This one allows her to be a bit more of a free spirit, but it doesn't work as well as past characters. It's good to see her tweak a little, though, because she's done the single, cute female thing many times over — and a lot better.

It's easy to see some of the comedic timing and tone that writer-director George Gallo has woven into some of his other projects, such as The Whole Ten Yards.

Considering that this film never made it to the big screen, it's no surprise that they've skimped on the DVD extras. Expect the obligatory deleted scenes and a featurette on the making of the film.

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