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Mad Bad (DVD Review)

8 Jun, 2008 By: Dan Bennett

Mad Bad

Prebook 6/13/08; Street 7/15/08
$24.98 DVD
Not rated.
Stars Denton Blane Everett, Vincent Riverside, Landon Dunning, Anna Zielinski.

Fast cars and fast times rule Mad Bad, an action-packed youth drama with rebellion as its dominating force.

Gino is a mostly likable but thoroughly tough young man recently released from prison, now trying to make his way in life. Seeking a job as an auto mechanic, Gino instead finds himself on the wrong side of the law again — stealing cars and selling them to a broker for big cash.

Meanwhile, he also seeks to repair his relationship with his sister, an angry, beautiful young woman who vents through rock ‘n' roll, fronting her own band and earning an ever-growing following of worshipful admirers.

The sister wants nothing to do with Gino, implying that he long ago betrayed her, but Gino sticks around despite her objections, and soon begins funneling his ill-gained cash into boosting her career, without her knowledge.

Something must give, though, and Gino finds himself facing the same kind of big trouble he had worked — but not nearly hard enough — to avoid.

Mad Bad, in the tradition of a number of recent drag-race or mean-streets features, is packed with loud music and rough action, though it offers more bark than bite, with more threats of violence and mayhem than the actual thing.

It's a too-simple drama of wayward behavior and ill-begotten redemption, but will likely rev up its intended audience: young males looking to relate to its fast cars and scenarios with beautiful women.

Other viewers might enjoy watching handsome and confident rock musician Vince Riverside playing Gino.

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