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Love and Mary (DVD Review)

10 Aug, 2008 By: Anne Sherber

Love and Mary

Street 8/19/08
$24.95 DVD
Rated ‘PG-13' for sexual content.
Stars Lauren German, Gabriel Mann, Whitney Able, Ben Gourley, Mary Bonner Baker, Louanne Stephens, Marco Perella, Tommy Townsend.

Meet the Fokkers meets The Parent Trap in this gently satirical, low-budget romantic comedy.

Mary, a recently engaged pastry chef with her own newly opened bakeshop, needs an infusion of cash to keep her business afloat. She decides that she and her fianc? should take a trip to Texas, where her family lives, so they can shower her with engagement presents she hopes will help her save her shop.

But when her fiancé has a terrible reaction to one of her pastries and breaks out in hives, he decides that his twin brother should stand in for him on the Texas trip.

In Texas, the phony baloney couple meet her whole unconventional family: the pony-tailed father who likes to sing opera while shaving and wants to make sure that his daughter is very comfortable with the facts of life; the pet psychiatrist mother; the goth brother with his own particular musical sensibilities; and the beloved grandfather, Pappy, whose gift just might save the bakery, but not necessarily in the way that Mary thinks.

Both German, as Mary, and Mann, in the dual role of Brent and Jake, are appealing performers who throw themselves into their roles. Especially entertaining are Stephens, Perella and Townsend as Mary's wackadoodle mother, father and grandfather, all of whom are intent on chewing whatever scenery happens to be close.

Love and Mary is a pleasant comedy with a number of very funny bits and a fairly predictable ending. Viewers with a taste for something very light and frothy, with a liberal dose of silliness, will enjoy this sweet little indie comedy.

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