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Little Tikes Land

Little Tikes Land

By Rachel Cericola | Posted: 19 Oct 2008

Street 10/28/08
$14.98 DVD
Not rated.

Everyone with a child is probably familiar with the “Little Tikes” brand. They make bath toys, kitchen toys, trains, picnic tables, trucks and other items. To commemorate the 30th anniversary of their popular Cozy Coup ride-on toy, they are launching new additions to the line, including a DVD.

Little Tikes Land follows the CG-animated antics of Lilly Tikes and LT Garcia, two doe-eyed characters who fit in nicely with the rest the company’s toy line. Like “The Backyardigans,” this duo uses the backyard and their imaginations to make their own adventures.

Little Tikes gears its products to 2- to 5-year-olds, and the DVD is no different. Each of the four short stories is easy on the eyes and the attention span. With titles such as “Rustee Rails Rides Again,” “Cozy’s Big Day,” “Bubble Trouble,” and “The Search for Tubbie T. Bear,” you can imagine that there are not too many lessons to be learned, just easy-to-follow fun.

Other features include sing-along songs (complete with the words on-screen) and a “Build Your Own Cozy Coupe” extra.

Also included are trailers for other popular programs for the same target age group: “Thomas and Friends” and “Bob the Builder.”

Kids who own (or want) a Cozy Coupe should be mesmerized by the slow action, as well as the toy version of the classic kid-powered car that the company is packaging with the DVD release.

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