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Kicking the Dog (DVD Review)

15 Apr, 2009 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Street 4/21/09
$24.95 DVD
Not rated.
Stars Carl T. Evans, Elizabeth Schmidt, Laura Bach, Jarrod Pistilli, Scott Laska.

For viewers who never tire watching college-age boys talk about sex, condoms, porn, body parts (male and female) while sloshing beer, Kicking the Dog won’t disappoint.
This low-budget first-time effort from writer/director Randy Lammey attempts to follow in the well-worn path taken by Kevin Smith and Judd Apatow in Clerks and Mallrats, and Knocked Up and Superbad, respectively.
Reminiscing about poking boobs, nipples, shared condoms, searching the fridge for emergency lubricants, homoerotic fantasies and wiener prowess to an audience of disgusted girlfriends during a weekend getaway (complete with “No Panties Party”) can be a timeless script for success. 
Unfortunately for Lammey, Kicking the Dog doesn’t quite feature the requisite quips and barbs needed to transform rookie cast members Carl T. Evans, Jarrod Pistilli, Scott Laska and others into budding Seth Rogan-Jason Mewes-Jonah Hill-and-Michael Cera screen gems.
Nubile cast mates Elizabeth Schmidt, Laura Bach (Zombie Strippers), Vedette Lim and Jessica Jolly, among others, more than posses the physical assets and acting chops needed for this kind of fare.
What makes Dog ultimately watchable is a superb soundtrack featuring tracks from Pawnshop Roses, Tom Karpovich, The Blow Goes, The Skyline Drive, The Dead 50’s, and The Good Things, among others.
Indeed, I watched the closing credits several times.

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