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Impact Point (DVD Review)

6 Jul, 2008 By: Pete Croatto

Impact Point

Street 7/8/08
Sony Pictures
$24.96 DVD
Rated ‘R’ for violence, language, some sexuality and nudity.
Stars Brian Austin Green, Melissa Keller, Kayla Ewell, Linden Ashby.

TV heartthrob Green ("Beverly Hills 90210," "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles") stars as a psychopath who stalks a beach volleyball player in this hybrid of sports drama and thriller from director Hayley Cloake (The House of Usher).

Green poses as a prominent sports columnist to seduce up-and-coming star Kelly Reyes (Keller of Drop Dead Sexy). But Reyes catches on to the ruse after she discovers that her one-time lover is an impostor and a possible suspect in her rival’s death. The next couple of weeks are a nightmare, as the young woman prepares for the biggest game of her career while being followed by her crazy, clever crush.

Impact Point is an entertaining distraction, as it contains a few twists and a decent performance from Green as the lovelorn psycho. It’s like Sleeping with the Enemy in a bikini. The downside to that is Cloake’s attention on stunning leading ladies Keller and Ewell (Senior Skip Day). By constantly focusing on taut buttocks, firm midriffs, and other jiggly action during game and training scenes, she steers the movie into cheesy erotic thriller territory and sets women’s volleyball back a good 20 years.

Then again, what some viewers consider a detriment, others could find a welcome development. Still, this can’t be what the AVP, the pro beach volleyball association, had in mind when it agreed to be featured in the film.

A blah collection of extras, including Keller and Ewell talking about their volleyball training for the film, round out the DVD.

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