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Home (DVD Review)

25 May, 2009 By: Angelique Flores


Prebook 5/25/09; Street 6/23/09
Box Office $0.004 million
$26.95 DVD
Rated ‘PG-13’ for some disturbing thematic material.
Stars Marcia Gay Harden, Marian Seldes, Michael Gaston.

Home is a seemingly simple word that can evoke many emotions, sometimes joyful and sometimes painful. The movie Home is similar.

The plot at first seems simple. Inga (played by Oscar-winner Marcia Gay Harden), a poet, whiles away the days in bliss, flying kites, looking at clouds and talking about everything with her daughter, Indigo (played by Harden’s real-life daughter Eulala Scheel).

Inga finds a house that reminds her of her childhood home. She visits often and wants to buy it, but her husband, Herman, doesn’t like the idea.

When Herman is around, Inga’s happiness melts away. She feels more insecure about her mastectomy scars and faces her cancer recovery alone. Herman pays little attention to her except to complain. He is more concerned with work and drinking.

As her marriage falls apart, Inga also turns to alcohol, putting a strain on her relationship with Indigo.

In the end Inga must decide to either continue her downward spiral or seek a happier life for herself and Indigo.

The film attempts to put itself in the mold of a European arthouse film. There’s more to the characters here than to the plot. And there’s an artsy twist as Inga’s narration of her poems are woven throughout the film.

One of the most interesting bonus features was Scheel’s storyboards. Working with her mom on this film, the young actress drew her own storyboards to illustrate what her character was going through in each of her scenes. It was impressive to see the young girl’s precociousness as an actress.

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