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His Highness Hollywood (DVD Review)

25 Oct, 2009 By: Jordan Harrison

Prebook 10/27/09; Street 11/17/09
Passion River
$19.99 DVD
Not rated.
Stars Ian Halperin.

Documentary filmmaker Ian Halperin attempts to boldly go where thousands of people have attempted to go before.

His Highness Hollywood chronicles the difficulty of making it in the entertainment industry, while highlighting the aspects of greed, shallowness and superficiality that goes along with it.

Halperin, originally a writer and filmmaker, uses his connections with celebrity model Janice Dickinson to quickly create buzz as a potential newcomer to the acting scene. 

Adding a twist, he pretends to be gay Israeli royalty and proclaims that he wants to make it as an openly gay superstar.

In Bruno-esque fashion, Halperin takes everyone involved in the movie on a ride and does an excellent job exposing the imbalance of emotions and the psychobabble coming from the mouths of ‘D’-list celebrities who claim to know what it takes to make it big.

Halperin does an excellent job of touching on all trends Hollywood stars subscribe to. Early in the movie, he hires a publicist (she clearly has a few screws loose) who helps with his image and takes him to a psychic. He even dabbles in Scientology.

The movie also provides legitimacy by shoving the camera directly in the face of those responsible for the industries wackiest practices.

The movie doesn’t slow down and never fails to embarrass people who take themselves too seriously. One man even claims that he joined the church of Scientology because they promised him that they would de-program his homosexuality.

His Highness Hollywood is a must-see spectacle, and though he never breaks through, Halperin’s look into the business is as accurate as they come.

The DVD includes several extras that probe deeper into the gay aspect of Hollywood and the dark secrets that hundreds of stars are hiding.

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