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Flawless (DVD Review)

1 Jun, 2008 By: Anne Sherber


Street 6/3/08
Box Office $1 million
$26.98 DVD
Rated ‘PG-13' for brief strong language.
Stars Michael Caine, Demi Moore.

Flawless is a cleverly-plotted diamond-heist thriller set in mad, mod 1960 London. Moore is Laura Quinn, an American who attended Oxford and then stayed abroad, rising through the ranks of the London Diamond Corporation until she encountered a glass ceiling. And Caine is Hobbs, the company's nighttime janitor who has spent his 20 years on the job watching, listening and learning.

One of the things he sees as he makes his rounds is Quinn, the first one into the office and the last one to leave, passed over for promotion after promotion. Sensing her growing dissatisfaction, he proposes a plan he has devised to steal just enough diamonds to give them both freedom from, and revenge against, the company. But there is more afoot than a simple heist. Soon Quinn finds herself at the center of one of the most audacious robberies ever.

Moore, whose most recent roles have been more notable for the remarkable nature of her abdominals than anything else, delivers a very strong performance as the buttoned up American who has even “caught” a bit of the British accent during her years with the firm.

And Caine is very good as the jovial janitor whose good nature masks a hardened heart hell-bent on revenge. The film does a great job of evoking the period, before electronics invaded every aspect of our lives. Everyone puffs away on cigarettes, drinks heavily and wears suits that button all the way up to the teeth.

This is a nifty little heist film that was largely overlooked at the box office and should do well on DVD based on the power of its stars.


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