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Eon Kid: Season One Vol. One (DVD Review)

6 Jul, 2008 By: Rachel Cericola

Eon Kid

Prebook 7/10/08; Street 8/12/08
Anchor Bay
$16.98 DVD
Not rated.

Despite his futuristic surroundings, Marty isn’t your average 11-year-old.

While working at a robot scrap yard, Marty stumbles upon an ancient Iron Fist. Marty tries on the glove, only to discover it has mystical powers and he is actually a descendant of Eon, who ended the Robot War 100 years prior. Now the glove won’t come off, making him an unwilling superhero. The glove seems to have a mind of its own — and enemies to match.

Despite being produced by anime kings Magna Entertainment and having a bit of an anime appearance, Eon Kid is actually a Korean import. Until recently, the U.S. version ran on The CW’s Saturday morning KidsWB block.

This initial volume includes the first four of the show’s 25 episodes, and a bonus titled “Strength Isn’t Everything.” Super-fans will appreciate the extra installment, which was previously combined into another episode for its U.S. airing. These five episodes show how Eon Kid came to be and a bit of what he can do, in more than 100 minutes of 3-D CG animation.

The show is probably a bit intense for the wee ones, but kids ranging from 5 to 10 should be riveted by the action and animation style, which looks more like a video game than CGIs such as Toy Story. Adult fans might appreciate the extra episode, but otherwise only kids will be interested in the few extras, which include a photo gallery and a downloadable mini poster.

Fans of all ages should also clamor for Anchor Bay’s toy tie-in with Playmates, which will hit around the same time as this DVD release.


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