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Earth Voice Food Choice (DVD Review)

4 Jul, 2009 By: Eui-jo Marquez

Earth Voice

Prebook 7/7/09; Street 8/11/09
Penny Price Media
$29.95 DVD
Narrated by Todd Winant

Earth Voice Food Choice deals with the potential harm our food choices have on the environment.

The simple format features producer-director Todd Winant giving a lecture to an audience. Winant’s tone is patronizing at first, but the lecture soon gives way to a slide-show of new age music, psychedelic images and pictures of outer space. The amazing nature images steal the show with beautiful views of Earth from space, mist-covered mountains, eagles, polar bears, and trees growing high into the bright blue sky.

Winant talks about how the terrain, air, water and all the species are working in harmony on Earth, except one. He’s talking about people.

He goes through all the errors he thinks we’re making — chopping down trees, causing animal extinctions and creating pollution — because of our unhealthy diet of animal products.

According to Winant, in 1988 the U.S. Surgeon General said 68% of deadly diseases are diet related. Most heart attacks are caused by an excess of saturated fat and cholesterol, which both come from animals. Winant said we’ve become completely disconnected from the food we eat, which comes less and less from nature.

The film is Winant’s attempt to show people the reality of our food choices. At 39 minutes, it’s long for a lecture, but the pictures are captivating. Winant’s inspiring video is perfect for families who want to educate their children, though some of the images of starving kids might not be appropriate for children.

The DVD features 57 minutes of extras about school lunches, heart disease, Greenpeace and farm sanctuaries.

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