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Dragon Hunter (DVD Review)

2 Jul, 2009 By: Isabella Hecht

Dragon Hunter

Prebook 7/6/09; Street 7/28/09
$24.95 DVD
Rated ‘PG-13’ for action violence.
Stars Isaac Singleton Jr., Kelly Stables, Orlando Seale, Maclain Nelson.

As movies about fighting dragons go, Dragon Hunter is pretty standard fare. The movie’s tagline proclaims “A hero becomes a legend,” although the truth is closer to “A weakling becomes a hero.” It makes no difference, as neither one is particularly original. The film is definitely a must-see for fans of fantasy-adventure movies who don’t want to wrap their heads around anything new.

Kendrick of Elwood (the unlikely hero) has always been sheltered by Darius (the overprotective big brother) since their parents were killed in an attack by orcs (on loan from “Lord of the Rings”). Now all grown up, the brothers are forced to flee again when a dragon attacks their village. In the forest they meet some travelling soldiers and prepare to fight back. 

The acting isn’t bad, and the special effects are quite decent for a low-budget film. It does have one fantastic innovation, of which other makers of low-budget films will want to take note. Instead of merely using a hand-held camera for that special rough-and-tumble look during fight scenes, just physically shake the camera. This forces viewers to look away if they want to hold onto their dinner, thus eliminating the need to employ a choreographer.

The main reason to see this movie, however, is definitely a quote with the potential for legendary status. Lines such as these can be found in even the worst of movies (witness Highlander’s “There can be only one”). When asked how he knew that Kendrick was the dragon slayer, Darius replies seriously, “My mother had dreams.”

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