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Crystal River (DVD Review)

11 May, 2008 By: John Latchem

Street 5/13/08
$19.98 DVD
Not rated.
Stars Emily Carpenter, Sean Patrick Flanery, Ted Manson.

Faith isn't so easy to find when life doesn't go your way. In Crystal River, Emily Carpenter, who also co-wrote, stars as Davie, a woman who desperately wants children but recently suffered her fourth miscarriage. Unable to sleep, Davie begins spying on Clay (Flanery), the grandson of her elderly neighbor, Olin (Manson). Clay also has a past he hopes to leave behind.

Clay and Davie eventually strike up a friendship that involves late-night excursions such as a midnight boat ride on the river. Her budding relationship with Clay further isolates Davie from her husband and threatens her reputation within the town.

Meanwhile, the town's minister and a new reverend join to convince Olin to allow himself to be baptized in his final days. The older spiritual leader preaches a rigid message of salvation that Davie seems ready to reject, struggling to find the good in her own life.

The movie takes some interesting twists, but don't expect anything flashy. This is a simple, quiet film about people struggling to find answers to the problems they face in life. Carpenter evokes sympathy in a very naturalistic performance, while Flanery makes it easy to believe she could fall for him. He's no stranger to playing the unassuming ladies man, after entering the public eye in the 1990s playing the young Indiana Jones on TV.

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