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Chosen One, The (DVD Review)

27 Jul, 2008 By: Rachel Cericola

Chosen One

Prebook 7/31/08; Street 9/2/08
$24.99 DVD
Not rated.
Voices of Chad Fifer, Tim Curry, Laura Prepon, Lance Henrikson, Danielle Fishel, Traci Lords, Chris Sarandon, Debra Wilson.

Lou Hanske (voiced by Fifer) is having a rough week. He's lost his job and his girl, a Russian satellite crushed his car, and a bear attacked him in the middle of the street. As if all of that isn't enough pressure, he was just informed that he is the so-called Chosen One — hence the title.

However, could God be nothing more than a slacker? Perish the thought!

While the satellite, bear and too-lazy-to-be-a-vengeful-God thing may be out of the ordinary, The Chosen One falls in line with a typical semi-lovable-loser comedy. Being animated, this one takes a few liberties with the formula.

The vocal talents of Curry, Henriksen, Sarandon, Prepon and Lords, combined with the hipster animation style, offer the main points of interest for viewers. It's like something that could be featured in Adult Swim's animation lineup.

One must give props to director and animator Chris Lackey. Apparently, with the help of writer-star Fifer, the two used Flash to put together the entire film inside a Santa Monica, Calif., apartment.

There wasn't a whole lot of extra footage left on the cutting room (or apartment) floor. Lackey is the only one supplying commentary for his labor of love, and the only other extras are stills and deleted scenes.


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