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Car Babes (DVD Review)

11 May, 2008 By: David Greenberg

Prebook 5/13/08; Street 6/10/08
$24.99 DVD
Rated ‘PG-13'
Stars Ben Savage, Blake Clark, Donnell Rawlings, John Gries.

If you happen to be a fan of the combination of super models and souped-up roadsters, do not dismiss this film just because it has very little to do with hot women in hot wheels.

Do see this film if you like reasonably intelligent, sometimes sensitive comedies marketed as yet another bawdy raunchfest.

The film, by co-directors Nick Fumia and Chris Wolf, is an oddly satisfying hybrid of a coming-of-age tale and a fish-out-of-water story that focuses on Ford Davis (Savage of “Boy Meets World”) and the rite of passage he makes when he is unexpectedly thrust out of his comfort zone and into a world he never imagined entering. Fresh out of college with a wildly impractical degree in creative writing, Ford does what most recent grads with similar majors do: He flounders.

When the harsh realities of post-grad life set in, he reluctantly accepts a job at his father's (comedian Clark, also a “Boy Meets World” veteran) used car lot, where he meets and ultimately befriends the standard, offbeat, wacky crew of salesmen (including Gries from Napoleon Dynamite).Slow on the uptake at first, Ford soon grows into his position and then has to grow as a person to save his father's business when it becomes the object of a hostile takeover.

Of course, just because the movie is surprisingly sweet and reasonably smart does not mean that it cannot have more than it's fair share of strippers, Hooters-esque waitresses and crazy situations to keep the plot moving.

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