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Brother’s War (DVD Review)

16 May, 2009 By: Billy Gil

Brother's War

Street 5/26/09
$24.95 DVD
Rated ‘R’ for war violence.
Stars Tino Struckmann, Michael Berryman, Olivier Gruner.

World War II drama Brother’s War manages to squeeze big action scenes out of a small budget.

The film tells of two soldiers, one German and one British, during WWII who discover the Russians’ plan to occupy Poland and Germany after the war. The two prisoners of war are connected through membership in the Freemasons, and together with a Polish nurse they encounter on the way, they make their journey across war-torn Europe to try to tell the British government.

Brother’s War does well at creating realistic battle sequences and conjuring up sympathy for any and all soldiers involved in conflict. The first half of the film mostly lets the fighting do the talking.

Unfortunately it is almost better this way, as the script tries to cram in too much. There are too many characters, and the film’s love story is tacked on and underdeveloped. I would have preferred to see more exploration into Freemasonry, a misunderstood organization, and its relevance during the war. 

Even if at times Brother’s War seems like a bunch of war re-enactments, some viewers might appreciate the film’s earnest attempt at delving into WWII intrigue and its cheesy-but-fun action scenes.

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