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Bounty (DVD Review)

3 Aug, 2009 By: Erik Gruenwedel


Street 8/11/09
North American
$26.99 DVD, $69.99 three-DVD/Blu-ray promo pack
Rated ‘PG-13’ for western violence and brief language.
Stars Jarrett LeMaster, Michelle Acuna, Austin O’Brien.

Minutes before scofflaw Nate (Jarrett LeMaster) is about to be hanged by an evil judge (Peter Sherayko), he is saved by Buck (Jon Wyatt Davis), who convinces the judge Nate is worth more alive working off his debt to society.

Buck shortly thereafter conveys upon Nate the judge’s warped view of justice (as if he didn’t know firsthand), which includes terrorizing the town, killing people for little or no cause and meting periodic whippings on alleged (and attractive) outlaw Em (Michelle Acuna).

Em, of course, has a long history with the judge (forming the movie’s underlying plot), which is inexplicitly revealed early on in flashbacks in this low-budget movie.

After completing his definitive western Unforgiven, Oscar-winning director Clint Eastwood said there was little left to explore in the genre. Upstart Bounty writer-director Jared Isham apparently didn’t get the memo. Instead, the former boom operator cobbled together a watchable vigilante retread featuring an unknown cast as wayward bounty hunters.

It’s not Robert Rodriguez’s $7,000 indie hit El Mariachi or even Appaloosa. Instead, Bounty is intended for rental fans of the western genre who appreciate the requisite shootouts, dusty hole-in-the-wall backdrops, saloons and salt of the earth characters — despite a limited storyline.

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