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Bob Funk (DVD Review)

22 May, 2009 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Bob Funk

Prebook 5/26/09; Street 6/23/09
$26.98 DVD
Rated ‘R’ for language and sexual content.
Stars Rachael Leigh Cook, Michael Leydon Campbell, Grace Zabriskie, Amy Ryan.

Sometimes overcoming personal demons requires hitting bottom.

For Bob Funk (suitably thespy Michael Leydon Campbell), an embittered VP of sales working for a domineering mother (Grace Zabriskie from HBO’s “Big Love”) in the family futon business, finding emotional bedrock can be a train wreck, especially since he’s an ass.

A cheating and departed wife left loudmouth Funk (whose father died when he was a child) to a moribund midlife crisis of excessive drinking, slacking off at work, indulgent one-night stands (Oscar nominee Amy Ryan from “The Office” plays one in a biting cameo) and spewing politically incorrect bile.

When Ms. Thorne (Rachael Leigh Cook, whose comedic chops transcend her beauty) is hired, Funk can barely contain his obsession with her, which leads to his mother firing and rehiring him (as the night janitor) when he refuses to apologize for alleged sexual harassment. Sobriety meetings and counseling with an attractive age-appropriate therapist (Terri Mann) doesn’t seem to help, or does it?

For first-time director Craig Carlisle, who based the screenplay (there are a few great lines) on his play Bob Funk in Therapy, his love for the theatrical stage is omnipresent by the timing and pace throughout this lengthy but enjoyable film.

Fans of Office Space will appreciate the presence of actor Stephen Root, whose character is reminiscent of squirmy Milton.

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