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Big Shots (DVD Review)

17 Jul, 2009 By: Isabella Hecht

Street 7/21/09
$29.95 DVD
Not rated.
In Hebrew with English subtitles.

Big Shots is based on a real incident, which a TV announcer in the film describes as the biggest crime in Israeli history (as of 1982). The film was co-written by police officer and playwright Haim Marin.

The caper involved four men stealing a safe full of foreign currency before it was transported to a Jerusalem bank. American audiences familiar with “Mission: Impossible” and Ocean’s Eleven will likely be bemused by the single security guard, no sensors of any kind and lack of guns. The men essentially walk out of the building with their prize. And that’s “the biggest crime in Israeli history.”

Sammy, Hertzel, Yacov, and Jhana aren’t gangsters. They just think they are. None of them are particularly bright. They’re just ordinary guys who happened to get away with a lot of money. Guys like these would normally be caught minutes after they walked into the building. But what happens when greedy, stupid guys actually succeed in stealing the money?

Big Shots is not a movie for those who like their heist thrillers full of action, bullets and suave con men. The impressive acting will attract those who are more interested in the psychology of the thieves.

Special features include director and actor commentary, a featurette, and excerpts from the Israeli TV show “Scene of the Crime.” However, none of them have subtitles, so unless you understand Hebrew, there’s no point in watching them.

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