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Between Love & Goodbye (DVD Review)

25 Apr, 2009 By: Billy Gil

Between Love and Goodbye

Street 5/5/09
Box Office $0.02 million
$19.99 DVD
Not rated.

Between Love & Goodbye tells of a promising gay relationship that is interrupted by the conniving sister of one of the men involved. It’s gooey, but some of it sticks.

Kyle and Marcel are in love, so French Marcel marries his lesbian friend Sarah in order to stay in the United States and be with Kyle. Things are going so well the two get engaged, despite the false marriage.

Kyle’s sister April, a transsexual and a former prostitute, comes back into the picture, infecting the relationship by moving in with the couple and pitting Kyle against Marcel. Things are further complicated by Kyle and April’s budding music career.

Between Love & Goodbye does well at drawing a believable backdrop of characters that reflects oft-unseen diversity in the gay, lesbian and transgender community. Its attempts to delve into portraying depth within gay relationships is admirable, as Kyle and Marcel move from rainbow-laden kisses to accusations of infidelity and worse. Additionally, gay film fans drawn in by the tempestuous cover art will be rewarded by softcore love scenes and knockdown, drag-out fights.

The movie falters when trying too hard to prove Kyle and Marcel’s relationship is worth fighting for, with dialogue such as “whenever I hear your keys in the door, my whole heart bursts with love; my baby’s home.”

There were more interesting parts that could have been further developed, such as April’s struggles with her gender identification and Marcel’s bid to stay in the country.April and Kyle are basically painted as soulless jerks with no sense, and it is difficult to care about characters who provide little depth or entertainment.

Between Love & Goodbye ends up smothering a lot of its messages in histrionics. It left me wishing more American gay movies would learn a thing or two from Asian and Latin American gay films that infuse humor and real drama into the equation.

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