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Amar (To Love) (DVD Review)

7 Jul, 2009 By: Angelique Flores


Street 7/14/09
$9.98 DVD
Rated ‘R’
In Spanish with English subtitles.
Stars Luis Ernesto Franco, Diana Garcia, Tony Dalton, Maria Aura, Pedro Damian.

Many cinematic love stories entail either fairy-tale fluff or steamy sex. This Mexican import, Amar, takes a more poignant, realistic approach to love and relationships through about a half-dozen couples. From getting married and getting divorced, teenage love and old love, to having sex, not having sex and being sexually harassed, this film shows the highs and many of the lows of a relationship.

Amado, a wealthy businessman, is cheating on his wife, Virginia, with stripper Diane.

Meanwhile Amado’s teenage son Carlos is frustrated with his girlfriend Susana, who won’t have sex with him. The two befriend an older couple, Concha and Benito, who have been together 60 years.

Benito works at a production company where a director, Joel, is being pressured by his boss, Patricia, to have sex with her. The extra time at work strains his relationship with his daughter, which further angers his ex-wife.

Another employee at the production company, Marta, is marrying Joel’s friend Gabriel, who — thanks to Joel’s stories — worries their sex life will change once they get married.

Some of the couples have happy endings, and some just get screwed.

In between the drama, Amar has plenty of comedy and even some heartwrenching sadness. If you liked Love Actually or films such as Crash and Babel, where the characters are somehow related, you’ll like this edgier — and probably less-heartwarming — dramedy.

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