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Best Worst Movie (DVD Review)

27 Nov, 2010 By: Billy Gil

Box Office $0.1 million
$19.95 DVD
Not rated.

At what point does something become so bad it’s good? That’s the question posed by Best Worst Movie, which delves into the cult surrounding cinematic disaster Troll 2.

Michael Paul Stephenson was the young star of Troll 2, an ultra-low-budget horror movie made in 1989 in Morgan, Utah, by Italian husband-and-wife team director Claudio Fragasso and writer Rossella Drudi, using locals and non-actors. The plot? Some nonsense about vegetarian goblins turning a vacationing family into plants so they could eat them. Note: The film is about goblins and was only titled Troll 2 to capitalize on the original Troll, to which it has no relation.

The result was a movie so awful it was voted the worst movie of all time on IMDb, with a 0% rating on RottenTomatoes.com. A clip featuring the film’s most infamous line (“They’re eating her … and then they’re going to eat me … Oh my God!”) scored more than 2 million hits on YouTube.

On a side note, it should be noted that Troll 2’s seemingly inexplicable creation can be partially credited to the original direct-to-video market of mostly horror movies that populated the video stores of yore.

Stephenson, now 32, decided to seek out the stars of the film and get them all together, as the film has taken on a life of its own, with gatherings and screenings around the country. Stephenson’s film is hilarious and touching, with its star in George Hardy, the charismatic man who starred in Troll 2 and went on to be a dentist in small-town Alabama, in which he’s a star for being the nicest guy around. Best Worst Movie wins for making cinematic magic out of cinematic manure.

Troll 2 fans should know that clueless duo Fragasso and Drudi are in the process of making the sequel Troll 2: Part 2. In Best Worst Movie, Hardy says he’d gladly appear in a sequel. The thing is, in a way, this film already is the sequel, and it couldn’t be more of a starmaking role for Hardy — as himself.

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