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Managing Menopause Naturally: What Every Woman Needs to Know (DVD Review)

20 Sep, 2011 By: Angelique Flores

Street 9/27/11
True Mind
$19.98 DVD, $9.99 VOD
Not rated.

Every woman goes through “the change.” With that change come options on how to handle it physically and emotionally. Managing Menopause Naturally presents menopause in an easy-to-digest manner with loads of information.

The documentary technically defines menopause in not just the physical changes but also in the psychological effects and social attitudes. Doctors, herbalists, midwives, biochemists, nutritionists and professors discuss what exactly happens to a woman during menopause as well as how to handle those changes through dietary, herbal and lifestyle changes that should start well before the onset of symptoms.

These female experts, along with the familiar Dr. Andrew Weil, encourage being proactive with the symptoms and treating them under a doctor’s supervision with a treatment tailored to each individual woman, be it holistic alternatives or hormone replacement therapy or a combination of the two.

The documentary looks at menopause in an accepting way, celebrating it as a rite of passage rather than an end to youth. It also looks at how women from non-Western countries and cultures look at this time in a woman’s life and how, for example, women in Asia don’t experience hot flashes because of the inclusion of soy in their diets throughout their lives.

The material is comprehensive and accessible, with the experts speaking to the point and not skirting around the details of what happens during the change. Less of a film to watch for entertainment reasons, this program is a significant one for informational reasons that every woman well before menopause should see.

A title like this would benefit with bonus materials that might include booklets that reiterate the tons of information that appear on the screen.

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