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Inside the Freemasons: The Grand Lodge Uncovered (DVD Review)

23 Jun, 2010 By: Angelique Flores

Street 6/29/10
$19.95 DVD
Not rated.

The one thing I thought I knew about the Freemasons was that it was a secret society. This documentary about the organization shattered that belief, giving an interesting overview about the Freemasons.

The information is given by John Hamill, head officer of the United Grand Lodge of England, who is interviewed in the Freemasons’ Hall in London.

Hamill eloquently discusses the principles of Freemasonry, some of which are free thinking, tolerance, high moral standards, a sense of charity and a belief in God. He also explains some of the symbology that the group uses and its importance in the architecture of Masonic lodges.

Hamill is quite frank and open about the group, except for any discussion of the secret rituals, which seems to be the only secret part of Freemasonry.

Unlike most documentaries, this presents only one voice — Hamill’s — in only one place — the Grand Hall in London. There are no historical photos, footage or even other interviews, which makes the film a bit one-dimensional.

Some of the footage the film did contain, however, should have been cut, such as when the interviewer asks obtuse questions about things that had either been answered just a few minutes prior or had nothing at all to do with the Freemasons. Conversely, there were vague pieces of information that Hamill brought up during the interview that would have been nice to hear more about, but were left unexplored.

The film was just informative enough to whet my appetite to explore the group more myself.

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