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Egypt Exposed: The True Origins of Civilization (DVD Review)

17 Jul, 2010 By: Daniel Xu

Street 7/27/10
$19.95 DVD
Not rated.

Egypt Exposed is not so much a movie as it is a filmed interview with author Robert Bauval, an Egyptologist who, as a construction engineer, came upon the correlation between the shapes and positioning of the Giza pyramids and the alignment of the Orion Belt. His findings coincided with the uncovering of the shafts and tombs inside the pyramids by English explorers in the 1990s, gaining him unexpected fame and recognition.

Bauval compares his accidental discovery with the apple falling on Sir Isaac Newton’s head, though clearly without the brilliant physicist’s solid scientific methods (most of the evidence he offers for his theories during the film fall along the line of “it just makes sense”). He describes a similar experience in breaking into the field of archaeology as an outsider, being met with anger and ridicule. Unfortunately, a tale perhaps fit for a blockbuster movie with the scholarly drama of A Beautiful Mind, the jarring controversy of The Da Vinci Code and the adventurous settings of “Indiana Jones” remains little more than a verbal script.

Intersected with still photographs and computer graphics, Bauvel’s recital — told in all of two camera angles throughout the 80-minute sitting — surpasses its minimalist presentation. There’s still plenty of intrigue to be found in the controversial author’s passion and his innovative ideas about the origins of civilization.

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