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Santa Buddies: The Legend of Santa Paws (DVD Review)

22 Nov, 2009 By: Stephanie Prange

Santa Buddies

Street 11/24/09
$29.99 DVD, $39.99 Blu-ray
Rated ‘G.’
Stars George Wendt, Christopher Lloyd. Voices of Tim Conway, Richard Kind, Tom Bosley, Field Cate, Josh Flitter, Skyler Gisondo.

What’s better than talking dogs when you want to appeal to kids? Talking puppies, of course. The puppy franchise spinoff of the popular “Air Bud” movies hits Tinseltown — literally — with this puppy-sized take on Scrooge and many other holiday favorites.

The adventure-seeking son of Santa Paws — the four-legged friend of Santa Claus (George Wendt)  — decides he needs more excitement than the North Pole can offer. So Puppy Paws decides to visit the “Buddies,” who, judging by their profile in the naughty book, make them the perfect friends for a mischievous pooch.

But Puppy Paws discovers mischief isn’t all it’s cracked up to be when he is caught by the mean dogcatcher Mr. Cruge (rhymes with Scrooge, played by Christopher Lloyd) and hears the spirit of Christmas is dying. In visiting the pound and through various hardships, Puppy Paws and the Buddies learn the meaning of and save Christmas at the same time. In the process, they reform the nasty old Cruge.

In addition to Wendt and Lloyd, voice talent includes Tim Conway, Richard Kind and Tom Bosley.

Production values are a bit above average for a “Buddies” direct-to-video feature. Besides, who can lose when mirroring the story of Scrooge? Lloyd does a good job playing the tight-fisted bad guy who learns to care. This is a solid family title that should attract fans of the series and followers of the all-star cast.

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