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Rentrak: On Demand TV Viewing Increased 40% in 2012

17 Apr, 2013 By: Erik Gruenwedel

The total time spent watching all time-shifted TV programming increased 40% in 2012 from 2011, according to new data from Rentrak Corp.

Consumption of on-demand programs just aired over broadcast networks grew more significantly, including a 60% increase in total time spent viewing and a 47% jump in the total number of programs watched since the previous year.

Portland, Ore.-based Rentrak said that the total time spent viewing free on-demand television content is increasing due to the fact the number of on-demand TV programs watched went up 29% from the prior year.

With advent of repurposed content aggregator Hulu.com and TV networks offering ad-supported streaming access to previous episodes and seasons, increasing numbers of viewers are watching time-shifted content on demand.
Ad-supported on-demand viewing is separate from subscription video-on-demand services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime Instant Video.

Rentrak, which also operates revenue-sharing agreements between video stores and studios, said high-definition VOD viewing grew more than 60%. About 43 million televisions accessed VOD content each month, which was a 5% increase from the previous year and a 13% increase from 2010.

"There is no doubt that this kind of growth is reshaping budgets of cable operators, content providers and advertisers," said Rentrak president and president of the AMI Division Cathy Hetzel. "Our reporting gives perspective on how many ad dollars could be left behind if on-demand content is not considered by the planners of TV."


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