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Poll: Most Consumers Unfamiliar With TV Everywhere

6 Jan, 2014 By: Erik Gruenwedel

TV Everywhere

Survey buttresses comments by Time Warner and 21st Century Fox executives decrying rollout of the on-demand antidote to cord cutting and SVOD

More than 80% of respondents in a recent survey did not know what TV Everywhere is, and just 4% knew how to become an authenticated viewer of on-demand programming offered by their multichannel video program distributor, according to video management company Ramp.

TV Everywhere allows cable subscribers to watch programming on their smartphone or tablet, from virtually anywhere, using credentials (e.g., email address) provided by the cable provider. The platform is seen by pay-TV channels as a way to stymie video subscriber losses and better compete against subscription video-on-demand services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime Instant Video. Rollout, however, has been hampered in part by content license rights and retransmission agreements, among other issues.

Boston-based Ramp, which conducted the survey on LinkedIn in the fourth quarter of 2013, also found that 27% of respondents were unaware they had an email address provided by their ISP; 53% were aware of their ISP-provided email address, but didn’t use it; and 67% have never watched TV through their cable provider’s website or app.

“This survey illustrated that awareness and usage of TV Everywhere is considerably low, and we suspect that this is partially due to the TV Everywhere user experience,” Ramp CEO Tom Wilde said in a statement.  “In most cases, there are few compelling reasons for consumers to engage with and return to their cable provider’s online experience. In addition, cable programmers seem to be missing key opportunities to strengthen their brands and affinity with viewers by delivering more compelling experiences than traditional linear TV offers.”

Wilde said the results represent an opportunity for cable providers to up efforts engaging subscribers in an ‘anytime, anywhere’ model.

“As the usage of TV Everywhere increases, providers will have even more opportunities to engage with their audience through related content and offer more sponsorship opportunities for advertisers,” he said.

Last quarter, former Tim Warner CFO John Martin and 21st Century Fox COO Chase Carey criticized TV Everywhere implementation in separate presentations to investor groups.


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