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NPD: Emerging Markets More Interested in Smart TV

29 Aug, 2013 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Consumers in emerging markets in Brazil, China, Russia and other developing countries are twice as likely as those in mature markets to purchase an Internet-enabled smart TV in the coming 12 months, according to new data from NPD DisplaySearch.

When asked about their planned TV purchases, 71% of consumers in emerging markets said they were likely to purchase a smart TV, compared with just 37% of TV consumers in France, the United Kingdom and other mature markets.

TV brands continue to promote smart TVs with expanded apps and video conferencing capabilities; however, consumers in emerging markets do not consider either of these features important for their future smart TV purchases, according to NPD.

For consumers in emerging markets who are not likely to purchase a smart TV in the next 12 months, 25% said that they owned other smart devices that could access the content they wanted. Consumers also cited the high cost as one of the reasons for not planning to purchase a smart TV in the next 12 months.

Reasons also varied by country. In Russia, the most cited reason (35%) was the existing ownership of other smart devices. In Indonesia, smart-TV pricing was the major purchasing hurdle. In both Turkey and Mexico, consumers did not see the need for a smart TV in connected flat-panel TV households, since many of the households already owned one.

“Features that are key to future smart-TV purchases, include being able to search for online content, Web browsing and video-on-demand services, as they allow consumers to access entertainment, news and other online content such as shopping,” Riddhi Patel, research director at NPD DisplaySearch, said in a statement. “Dual-play 3D games and cloud storage were least important to consumers.”

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