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Inception Media Launching Manga 2.5 Titles

19 Feb, 2013 By: Erik Gruenwedel

New animation format features stop-motion action and sound

Inception Media Group Feb. 19 said it has partnered with a Japanese company to distribute Manga 2.5 titles on iTunes.

Manga 2.5 is an update of the Japanese genre of cartoons and comic books featuring science fiction and fantasy themes — now with stop-motion action and sound.

Santa Monica, Calif.-based Inception and Tokyo-based Happinet Corp. are making available Manga2.5 versions of the following titles:

Karasuma Kyoko No Jikenbo, a futuristic, supernatural police procedural manga by author Ohji Hiroi and artist Yusuke Kozaki; and The Mythical Detective Loki, an occult detective manga by author Sakura Kinoshita.

The titles are available exclusively on iTunes Store for electronic sellthrough and transactional VOD in both standard and high-definition. A third Manga 2.5 title, Otogi-Soushi, by Yumi Amachi is a fantasy manga based on ancient Japanese gods’ adventures and is scheduled for release in March.

“Manga 2.5 represents a milestone in the creation and digitization of entertainment content,” said David Borshell, partner of Inception Media. “With iTunes we are able to introduce this amazing new format to old and new Manga fans around the world.”

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