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EMA Launches New Digital Site

5 Mar, 2012 By: Chris Tribbey

The Entertainment Merchants Association has launched a new website, DigitalEMA.org, to help facilitate the digital needs of EMA members.

The website provides information about EMA committees and their initiatives, research and data focusing on digital initiatives, details of EMA’s metadata, EMA’s digital glossary, a blog and an events listing.

“The digital retailer/distributor that makes it easy for the consumer to find titles they are looking for and to find titles that they didn’t know about but might likely enjoy will have an edge up on their competitors as our industry grows,” Mark Fisher, EVP of EMA wrote on the site’s blog. “And content providers who understand search and discovery and support it with accurate metadata will also experience a lift. As we know, some are better than others. Sharing best practices should rise a tide that’ll lift all boats.”

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