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Digital Drivers 2012: Retail/Technology/Other


Steven Chester, VP, film

Chester helps in distribution of digital media by the film industry. Working closely with the major studios and distribution outlets such as Netflix and Best Buy, Chester guides the development of Akamai solutions that benefit the entire digital distribution workflow, from post-production to consumer experience.

Bill Wheaton, SVP and GM, media division

Wheaton leads the team that puts together products and solutions that make video and software applications accessible, and media content easy to use. He has had several roles at Akamai. As VP of digital media solutions, he supported key digital media customers. He also served as director of streaming sales.


Brad Beale, head of digital video content acquisition

Beale leads the team responsible for deals with studios and programmers for subscription VOD and transactional VOD, as well as DVD and Blu-ray Disc purchases.

Prior to joining Amazon, Beale was VP of business development at Peel Technologies. He was also in charge of content acquisition for FiOS and over-the-top video content at Frontier Communications, and was founder of Outperform Sports LLC.


Eddy Cue, SVP, Internet software and services

Cue oversees Apple’s iTunes Store, App Store, iBookstore and iCloud. He has been with Apple for 23 years and was key in creating Apple’s digital store in 1998, the iTunes Music Store in 2003 and the App Store in 2008.


Mike Mohan, SVP and GM, home business group

Mohan is responsible for a range of products and services, including home theater, entertainment and Magnolia Home Theater. He has 25 years of consumer electronics experience.


Avner Ronen, co-founder and CEO

Ronen heads up Boxee, a software-based home theater platform that allows users to manage over-the-top video services, live TV broadcasts, VOD rentals and social media from one device connected to the TV. He was named one of Rolling Stone’s Agents of Change for 2009. 

Idan Cohen, VP of platform, co-founder

Cohen is responsible for expanding the capabilities of Boxee by developing relationships with content and service partners. He spent his first three years at Boxee as head of product, where he crafted the software’s user experience.


Matthew Strauss, digital and emerging platforms

Strauss heads Comcast’s multiplatform video strategy, including editorial and programming across existing and future platforms and Comcast’s TV Everywhere initiative. He oversees all growth in transactional and online video revenue and develops multiplatform business opportunities. 

Maggie McLean Suniewick, VP, video services

Suniewick manages editorial and programming across all video platforms, including Xfinity On Demand, XfinityTV.com and the Xfinity TV app. She played a role in Comcast’s landmark deal with Disney  allowing  Xfinity TV customers to watch ESPN, ABC or Disney shows live or on demand and across multiple screens.


Mark Teitell, GM

The more than 75 companies that make up the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem have skin in the game when it comes to the success of UltraViolet, and there’s one man who they’ve looked toward to be the voice, manage the definition, and get the open market for digital content distribution off the ground. Teitell began working with the group in 2009 and was named GM in February 2010. He works closely with the group’s member companies to accelerate the adoption of UltraViolet.

Jim Taylor, head of technology and product development

Taylor has been named a “minor tech legend” by E! Online. He speaks and writes about digital video and audio technology, and holds several patents. Previously chief technologist and GM of the advanced technology division of Sonic Solutions, Taylor was also once DVD Evangelist at Microsoft.


Dan York, EVP, programming and content officer

York will lead DirecTV’s efforts in programming and content rights beginning in July, replacing Derek Chang, EVP of content strategy and development.

Previous to DirecTV, York was president of content and advertising sales at AT&T, where he helped build the AT&T U-verse video platform from the ground up.


Tim Wesley, VP, content acquisition and digital entertainment

Wesley focuses on bolstering Blockbuster’s multiplatform digital distribution to deliver movie rentals, as well as ownership and subscription services to digital consumers. Blockbuster On Demand and upcoming Blockbuster-branded services yet to be announced bring subscription video-on-demand to various connected devices.


Craig Eggers, director, content creation and playback for home entertainment

Eggers is responsible for marketing strategy and execution of Dolby Laboratories’ multichannel audio- and sound-processing technologies. He was instrumental in the introduction of Dolby Pro Logic IIz technologies and promotes  adoption of Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus and related Digital Signal Processing solutions.


Jon Kirchner, CEO and chairman

Kirchner heads this digital audio technology company, which is dedicated to delivering the ultimate sound experience. The company offers audio options for connected entertainment devices, from constant bit rate to adaptive streaming, stereo to 5.1, and more.


Mark Greenberg, president and CEO

Greenberg heads the pay-TV, VOD and online service launched in 2009 by Viacom, Paramount, MGM and Lionsgate. Previously, he launched Showtime On-Demand and other media properties.

Douglas A. Lee, EVP, programming strategy and acquisition

Lee oversees film acquisition, program planning, strategy and enterprises. Previously, he was EVP of worldwide digital media at MGM and was the studio’s chief new media strategist, overseeing MGM’s digital businesses.

Emil Rensing, chief digital officer

As a founder member of Epix, Rensing spearheaded the multi-bitrate delivery of HD feature films with full studio transmission compliance and the ability to share full-length films online with friends in a virtual living room.

Andy Hunter, GM, digital media applications and products

Hunter directs the launch and day-to-day operations of Epix digital products, including apps that are available to subscribers across hundreds of devices.


Rishi Chandra, director of product management, Google TV

Chandra leads the product team for Google TV, which aims to bring together traditional broadcast, the Internet and applications.

Robert Kyncl, VP, TV and film entertainment, Google/YouTube

Kyncl works to give the company a foothold in Hollywood, managing partnerships with studios, new-media companies, cable networks and broadcasters. He previously was Netflix’s VP of content acquisition.


Richard Tom, VP, platform technologies

Tom is responsible for all aspects of Hulu’s core technology and infrastructure. He joined Hulu, a joint venture run by NBC Universal, News Corp. and The Walt Disney Co., in 2007 after eight years at Microsoft.


Mark Taylor, VP, media product and strategy

Taylor has been instrumental in helping Level 3 Communications enter the content delivery network business and grow its portfolio of media-related products.

Derek Anderson, senior product director, content markets

Anderson oversees all product activity and business strategies for the Vyvx Solutions broadcast business, which serves the video services needs for the media and broadcast sectors worldwide.


Jeff Lunsford, chairman and CEO

Lunsford leads Limelight Networks’ effort to provide integrated cloud-based applications using its global computing platform. Limelight provides a complete solution to upload, manage, publish, monetize, accelerate and analyze online and mobile content.


Daren Tsui, CEO and co-founder

Tsui helped mSpot  become one of the first services to stream full-length studio movies to mobile phones. With more than 6 million paying subscribers, mSpot provides a multitude of entertainment services ranging from music and movies to sports.

Bill Gaudreau, director, business development

Gaudreau focuses on the acquisition and management of audio and video content, including major films for mSpot’s varied mobile multimedia entertainment services. He played a pivotal role in the launch of mSpot Movies.


Blair Westlake, corporate VP, media and entertainment, Microsoft Corp.

Westlake works with global media and entertainment industries to bring all digitally delivered content to Microsoft’s various services and devices, including Xbox 360, Windows PC and Windows Phones.

Working closely with Hollywood studios, broadcasters, cable and satellite providers, Westlake is recognized as a leader in the media and entertainment industries and continues to bring innovative digital content to Microsoft’s customers.
Under Westlake, Xbox has been digitally delivering movies and TV shows since 2006 and since the launch of Kinect for Xbox 360. Xbox Live features a slew of applications customized for the TV, including Netflix, ESPN, Facebook, Last.fm, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video and more.


Reed Hastings, co-founder and CEO

Hastings co-founded Netflix as a by-mail DVD rental service in 1997. In 2002, he took the company public, and in 2003, it surpassed 1 million subscribers. Netflix began streaming content over the Internet in 2007 and today has more than 26 million subscribers, most of whom prefer streaming to renting discs.

Ted Sarandos, chief content officer

Sarandos oversees the Beverly Hills, Calif., office of Netflix with a staff of 75 that manages the company’s content acquisition through relationships with studios, networks, independent filmmakers and producers.


Timothy Dodd, VP and GM

Dodd heads Neustar’s operations in Los Angeles. He is charged with leading the company’s media and entertainment business, where he’s focused on creating interoperable solutions for digital and mobile content delivery, including Neustar’s development of UltraViolet’s digital rights locker.


Paul D. Davis, CEO, Coinstar

From dominating the physical rental category to leading a DVD kiosk company into the frontier of electronic delivery, Redbox’s prominence has been headed by one man: Davis.

Bringing more than 30 years of experience in consumer packaged goods and retail operations to the table, Davis first joined Coinstar in April 2008 as COO. He became CEO one year later. 

Galen C. Smith, SVP, finance

When Redbox announced its partnership with Verizon to add a streaming element to its kiosk DVD rental service, Redbox parent Coinstar had Smith to thank for getting the deal done. Before Redbox, Smith served as corporate VP and treasurer of Coinstar, where he oversaw mergers and acquisitions, financial planning and investor relations for the company.


Anthony Wood, CEO

Wood has been CEO since the inception of Roku. He founded ReplayTV, where he was CEO before its sale to DirecTV.

Jim Funk, VP, product management

Funk previously served as VP of business development for Internet TV at Netflix and was VP of marketing and co-founder at Akimbo Systems.

Ed Lee, VP, business development

Lee is head of content acquisition and partner relations for Roku’s streaming platform. 


Corey Ferengul, EVP, product management and strategy

Under Ferengul, Rovi has launched Rovi Digital Copy Solution, which will enable consumers to access their DVD and Blu-ray Disc movie collections via the cloud. His contributions have helped revolutionize the way guidance technology, entertainment data and video delivery platforms are implemented throughout the ecosystem.

Matt Milne, EVP, worldwide sales and marketing

Milne first joined the company in early 2011, coming over with the acquisition of Sonic Solutions.  With Sonic Milne held the position of EVP and GM of DivX products.


Michael Aragon, VP and GM, global digital video and music services, Sony Network Entertainment

Aragon directs digital video and music services on PlaySation 3, PlayStation Portable, PCs, Sony Bravia Internet-connected TVs, Google TV, Blu-ray Disc players, Sony Ericsson phones, tablets and the Google Play marketplace.


Vince Pizzica, senior EVP, corporate partnership and ventures

Pizzica has helped lead several major strategic projects for Technicolor as it has adapted to the shift to digital. His most recent claim to fame is founding Technicolor’s M-Go business, a free application that allows users to store their media in the cloud and access it from almost any device.


Robert Mudge, president, consumer and mass business markets

Redbox searched long and hard for a partner to help the company get into digital, and it was Mudge who helped make it a reality.  Mudge’s team is responsible for the sales, marketing and service delivery behind video services in the United States, and that includes FiOS, Verizon’s fiber-based video and data service.


Michael Frey, president, new media solutions

Frey is responsible for the development, implementation and execution of digital supply chain solutions for customers across the entertainment industry.

Andy Shenkler, EVP, operations and business strategy

Shenkler oversees strategic operations and drives strategy and innovation for Sony DADC Digital Services.

Trey Bradley, EVP, video supply chain

Bradley brings more than 25 years of experience in media and other industries, including several global companies. Prior to joining Sony DADC, he spent time in each of the core distribution business lines for a global theatrical distribution system in 20 countries and a TV distribution project.

Andreas Riegler, SVP, global creative services, new media solutions

Riegler has been at Sony DADC for more than a decade, working in both the United States and Europe. He was a member of the founding team of Sony NetServices, a 50-50 joint venture between Sony DADC and Sony Electronics that focused on the development of software applications that converge entertainment media and devices.


John Aden, EVP, general merchandise

Aden leads the merchant teams responsible for electronics and entertainment, as well as toys and seasonal categories, and was instrumental in the launch of Walmart’s UltraViolet disc-to-digital service powered by Vudu.

Prasanna Ganesan, CTO, Vudu

Ganesan is the chief architect and designer of Vudu’s content distribution engine, and is the inventor and author of the patents behind Vudu since 2007. He has been with Vudu since its beginning.

Seong Ohm, SVP and general merchandise manager, entertainment

Ohm is responsible for leading the entertainment business for Walmart, covering consumer electronics, media and wireless. Ohm  has been named one of Pink Magazine’s 15 Top Innovative Women in Business and one of the top 100 MBAs by Diversity Magazine.

Chris Nagelson, VP, entertainment merchandising

First joining Walmart in 2005, Nagelson oversees the retailer’s media and entertainment business. He was instrumental in helping launch Walmart’s disc-to-digital program, linked to UltraViolet.

Louis Greth, category director, movies and home entertainment

Greth is a driving force behind the launch and growth of Walmart’s disc-to-digital service. He brings 19 years of retail experience to his post and has been a product development manager for Sam’s Club and a senior buyer of toys and movies for Walmart.

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