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Quick Chek Stores Get Download2Go Kiosks

7 Dec, 2010 By: Chris Tribbey

MOD Systems’ Download2Go digital music kiosks will start popping up in nearly a dozen Quick Chek convenience stores in New York and New Jersey this month, MOD Systems said.

The kiosks enable consumers to download DRM-free digital music tracks to MP3 players, SD cards or Flash drives. The first kiosks showed up during the summer in 30 InMotion Entertainment stores in airports throughout the United States.

“Retailers are looking for opportunities to capture customer interest in digital entertainment or take back sales that have shifted from their stores to online,” said Anthony Bay, CEO of MOD Systems. “Consumers can now build their digital music collections outside the home without requiring connectivity, while retailers can sell the latest entertainment content in a way that drives impulse purchases and repeat customer visits.”

In addition to music, MOD Systems also produces Download2Go digital movie kiosks.

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