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Questar Brings More to Digital

19 Nov, 2012 By: Chris Tribbey

Questar Inc. plans on bringing more than half of its 5,000-plus catalog of titles to approximately 30 digital outlets by June 2013, which the company says would make it the largest non-studio provider of content for outlets like Amazon, iTunes and Netflix.

Before the end of the year, Chicago’s Questar will release more than 700 programs in several categories for digital outlets, covering the subjects of travel, children’s titles, documentaries, nature and wildlife, faith-based and music. Another 500 programs will go digital in March.

It’s the culmination of a $500,000 investment in converting Questar’s catalog to digital, according to company president Albert Nader.

“DVD at retail has not been fun,” he said, adding that all major retailers have cut down on floor space for physical disc. There’s less overhead with digital, he noted, but there’s also a lower list price.

Nader added that outlets such as Hulu and Vudu “aren’t interested in companies with half a dozen titles. They want several hundred.”

Enter Questar, which has the rights to everything from “Anthony Bourdain: A Cook's Tour” to “Disney Parks,” and releases content from PBS, Reader’s Digest, Food Network, Travel Channel and a half dozen other companies.

“We’re not walking away from DVD, but we realize everything is moving digital and the second screen,” Nadar said. “This first catalog will be serving 30 major platforms accounting for approximately $20 billion in annual revenues, as reported by their financials.”

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