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Indie Resurgence?

24 Apr, 2009 By: Thomas K. Arnold

One of the first emails I received this morning was this, from Doug's Video in Virginia.
Hello....we are a video location in search for POP material....any suggestions except the larger distributing companies that have a $500 - $800 movie purchase minimum before even selling the POP?
Thanks ,
Sandy T. Dunbrack
Doug's Video
540 248 2805 Fax
540 248 4107
540 294 5455
First of all, if any of our studio readers can help, please do so. Secondly, and in light of Netflix's good numbers and the general feeling that rental will soon enjoy a resurgence, if it isn't already, due to the economy, I had this thought: Obviously there are still quite a few independent video stores out there, and I have to think if they've survived this long, they must be doing something right. So as the studios continue to seek broader and broader distribution, targeting everything from truck stops to sports stores, why don't studios rethink their disavowal of indie video stores and launch some sort of outreach? I understand that as the business transitioned to DVD and sellthrough, indies sort of got lost in the shuffle, but I'm sure by now most of these surviving indies are geared up to not just rent, but also sell. And if you talk about trying to find a fit: Isn't a store that generates the majority of its revenue from renting and selling DVDs a more suitable candidate for DVD suppliers than, say, an extreme sports shop? Maybe studios should take a second look at the indies. They might be surprised.


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