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TV Makers Launch Smart TV Alliance

26 Jun, 2012 By: Chris Tribbey

A coalition of TV makers, headed by LG Electronics and Philips, has established the Smart TV Alliance, with the goal of creating a non-proprietary ecosystem for TV application developers.

The goal is to have smart-TV features be more consistent across all brands, the companies said.

“Before today, the smart-TV industry was a very difficult market for both TV manufacturers and application developers as TV’s from different brands used different platforms and technologies,” said Bong-seok Kwon of LG Electronics and president of Smart TV Alliance. “Smart TV Alliance creates a larger playing field, which encourages developers to create more and better TV applications at the same time giving manufacturers and consumers the richest source of movies-on-demand, music services, games, social networking and more.”

One of the main goals of the consortium is to come up with technical specifications that will allow application developers to create their products and have them run consistently across all platforms. The alliance will also make a software developer kit available for free at SmartTV-Alliance.org.

Alliance members aim to have the first cross-platform applications ready for TV manufacturers by 2013.

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