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First Android Set-Top Box With Gesture Control Due Out in Early 2013

18 Sep, 2012

The first Android smart set-top box that will allow any television to be controlled by using hand gestures was announced Sept. 18 by the Israeli company eyeSight.

EyeSight partnered up with Korean set-top box manufacturer Innodigital to release the nTobeBox product. 

The nTobeBox transforms any normal television into a Smart TV that can be used to watch TV, stream content, download and use apps, make video calls and surf the Internet.

EyeSight’s gesture control technology allows users complete control over every feature of Innodigital’s set-top box. Using simple hand gestures and hand-tracking enabling virtual mouse control, users can perform any function that can be done using the device’s remote control.

Running on the newest version of Android’s Ice Cram Sandwich operating system, nTobeBox includes a full Web browser, app store, Skype video call technology, embedded Wi-Fi, full support for 1080p HD and a QWERTY remote control.

The nTobeBox, which includes eyeSight’s gesture recognition technology, will be available internationally at the beginning of 2013.

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