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CEA Announces 3D, Captioning Standards

10 Jul, 2012 By: Chris Tribbey

The Consumer Electronics Association has released five new standards, including ones for 3D video, 3D active-shutter glasses and closed captioning.

The standards are meant to guide consumer electronics companies as they develop products.

“The release of these standards follows the very successful CEA Technology & Standards Forum in Dallas,” said Brian Markwalter, SVP of research and standards for CEA. “CEA’s standards committees are always looking for new ways to help grow the consumer electronics industry through technological cooperation. The breadth of topics covered by these new standards reflects the innovation in the CE industry.”

The new standards are:

• CEA-708.1: Digital Television Closed Captioning. Describes how to send closed captioning for 3D video.

• CEA-2038: Command–Driven Analog IR-Synchronized Active Eyewear. Describes how to control active-shutter 3D glasses using an infrared signal sent by a TV set. Enables viewers to wear glasses as content switches from 2D to 3D mode, and enables two viewers to see two different images.

• CEA-2042.1-A: Wireless Power Glossary of Terms. Defines terminology used to describe wireless charging systems.

• CEA-805-D-1: Data Services on the Component Video Interfaces. Clarifies how digital bits need to be transmitted in a CEA-805-D component video signal.

• CEA-TR-1: Home Illumination Study. Study results of ambient light levels in typical television viewing locations.

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