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CE Groups Collaborate on New DRM

19 Dec, 2011 By: Chris Tribbey

Several consumer electronics groups have banded together to work on a new content protection technology for flash memory cards and other devices.

Tentatively named “Next Generation Secure Memory Initiative,” the new digital rights management system would allow for secure content protection of high-def content on SD cards and embedded memory used on tablets and smartphones. 

Panasonic Corp., Samsung Electronics, SanDisk Corp., Sony Corp. and Toshiba Corp. are the five companies behind the initiative.

“With our new secure memory solution, we are excited to create a strong link between the living room experience and the mobile experience. Now consumers can enjoy watching premier content, such as movies, on the go with their smartphones and tablets,” said Yoshiyuki Miyabe, corporate chief technology officer for Panasonic.

The group aims to license and promote the new standard in 2012. It would provide unique identification technology for flash memory and copy protection based on public key infrastructure, which allows content to be securely exchanged over unsecure public networks.

High-def downloads, broadcast content on mobile devices and managed copies from Blu-ray Disc all could be protected using the new standard, the group said.

“This technology will open a new door to flash memory applications,” said Yasuo Naruke, corporate VP and VP of Toshiba’s memory division. “As a flash memory manufacturer, we are pleased that our flash memory technology will contribute to bringing people more convenient and exciting experiences of HD content. We will continue our development efforts to create surprising innovation.”

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