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‘Home Media Magazine’ Awards Announced for 2011

By : John Latchem | Posted: 01 Jan 2011

Home Media Magazine is consolidating several of its popular awards programs into a single event with the creation of the Home Media Magazine Awards for 2011.

The effort combines the DVD Critics Awards, the TV DVD Awards, the High-Def Awards and the Latino DVD Awards under one label, with a simplified entry process and category lineup.

“The home entertainment industry is experiencing unprecedented convergence, so it makes sense that our awards, which highlighted the different segments in home entertainment, should be brought together in recognition of this trend,” said Thomas K. Arnold, publisher and editorial director of Home Media Magazine.

The Home Media Magazine Awards will cover all titles released in 2010. Studios will have the opportunity to submit their DVD and Blu-ray product in 27 different categories covering the best in TV DVD, Blu-ray and more, with categories for Best Latino product, Best Music DVD or Blu-ray, and awards for Best Independent Film and Best Sports and Fitness discs.

Entries will be examined by a blue-ribbon panel of judges consisting of home entertainment journalists, with nominees in most categories being presented for a consumer vote to determine the winners. Judges also will choose winners in three “Best of Show” categories: Best Blu-ray, Best TV DVD and Title of the Year.

In addition, the Home Media Magazine Awards offers two special categories. One will honor the best marketing campaign behind a particular title, while another will honor the best content created for and distributed on the Internet.

The period to submit titles for the awards is open through Feb. 4. Judging will take place in February with the consumer vote in March. The winners are slated to be announced April 18. Winners receive an award trophy and are prominently featured in Home Media Magazine, both in print and on our website, and are also publicized through consumer press outreach.

Please visit www.HomeMediaAwards.com for more details, including category descriptions and an entry form.

The Home Media Magazine Awards remains a separate event from the Reaper Awards, a horror genre awards show presented by Home Media Magazine and DreadCentral.com in October.

If you cannot see the full entry form below, please click here. If you still cannot see the full form, or have additional questions, please contact John Latchem at jlatchem@questex.com or 714-338-6755

Description of Categories:

Best Theatrical Title on Disc: A movie that played within the past two years in theaters (beyond just a festival run or limited showing for promotional value) and made its debut on disc in 2010. For this category, please also enter the theatrical release date, box office earnings and budget in the fields below.

Best Direct-to-Video Movie: A movie that premiered on a disc format in 2010.

Best Packaging: This category is for products that display some sort of innovative box design. This is not a category for regular DVD/BD cases that contain nice box art, but for DVD/Blu-ray cases that are unique to the product being sold. Packaging may also include collectibles within the box.

Best Box Art: This refers to the artwork on the DVD/BD case, in most cases the front cover of a regular DVD/BD case.

Best Restoration/Upgrade: This is a category for Blu-ray Discs of titles that have been previously released. The idea is that the Blu-ray is an upgrade from the earlier disc, usually through a restoration process or new extras. Thus, it is a good incentive for those who already own that disc to upgrade to this new one.

Best Boxed Set (Non-TV): This category is for collections of films, either a collector’s edition of a single film, a franchise set, or an anthology of films or other content that is not a complete-series or complete-season TV DVD set.

Best Complete TV Series Set: A complete collection of a series or a multi-season boxed set. This is for complete series sets that are more than one full season. For those releases (generally 10-30 episodes) please enter into the Current/Contemporary/Vintage Categories.

Best Current Series: A season set of a series with episodes that aired in 2009 and/or 2010, with those episodes making their disc debut in this set. This category is for single-season sets or equivalent volumes (single-disc or complete series of shows that ran only one season or less than two full seasons, and not repackaged from earlier separate season sets). This is a category for shows that are currently on the air or recently ended their run.

Best Contemporary Series: A season set of a series with episodes that aired between 1990 and 2008. This category is for single-season sets or equivalent volumes (single-disc or complete series of shows that ran only one season or less than two full seasons, and not repackaged from earlier separate season sets). Please note, if you are submitting a DVD/BD set for a show that is currently on the air, but the episodes are from several seasons ago, it likely belongs in this category.

Best Vintage Series: A season set of a series with episodes that aired in 1989 or earlier. Note: for purposes of this contest, Vintage also includes season sets with episodes ranging from 1989-1990. This category is for single-season sets or equivalent volumes (single-disc or complete series of shows that ran only one season or less than two full seasons, and not repackaged from earlier separate season sets).

Note: Your TV DVD entry will be eligible for only one of the Complete/Current/Contemporary/Vintage categories. If you are unsure as to which, please contact jlatchem@questex.com

Best Miniseries/TV Movie: A DVD/BD of a limited series or standalone movie made for television. This includes direct-to-video titles not necessarily made for TV, but based on or tied into television shows.

Best Blu-ray Disc Movie: A movie presented on Blu-ray Disc

Best TV on Blu-ray: A Blu-ray Disc of a TV show, miniseries, TV movie or TV special.

Best 3D Disc Release: This category is specifically for 3D Blu-ray titles, designed to work on 3D-equipped TVs and Blu-ray players. Submissions may include 3D titles distributed through regular consumer channels or special discs available only through bundle purchases.

Best Animation Disc: A DVD or Blu-ray of an animated movie, TV program or special, regardless of intended audience.

Best Nonfiction Movie on Disc: Content that is not fictional in nature, usually a documentary, whether it was shown in theaters, direct-to-video or on TV. This category is not intended for series, though individual, independent entries of a larger series that are released on their own on disc may qualify.

Best Reality/Documentary TV Series: This category is for nonfiction TV series on disc, such as reality shows, variety shows, or ongoing documentary-type shows.

Best Extras/Bonus Material: This category focuses on the bells and whistles of a disc release, and not the movie or TV show at the center of it.

Best Kidvid Disc: This category is for discs aimed at younger viewers, be it an animated movie, cartoon or sitcom for kids, or an educational video.

Best Sports Disc: This category is for discs that contain sports content, such as event broadcasts, highlight videos, athletic exhibitions, etc.

Best Fitness Disc: This category is for discs in the workout/fitness genre.

Best Music DVD or Blu-ray: This category is for presentations of music on a video disc, such as concert films or collections of music videos.

Best Foreign/International Disc: This category is reserved for discs containing content that was produced overseas.

Best Latino Feature Film on Disc: This category is for Spanish-language films

Best Latino TV Show on Disc: This category is for Spanish-language TV shows, such as telenovelas.

Best Indie/Small-Budget Film on Disc: This category is intended for independent distributors whose films are not as widely known as major studio fare. To enter this category, please enter the budgetary data in the space below and any additional information about the film if it was theatrically released. Direct-to-video titles are also eligible for this category.

Some categories are mutually exclusive (i.e., a film cannot be entered into a TV category). If you are uncertain about any of the eligibility guidelines, please contact John Latchem at jlatchem@questex.com or 714-338-6755

Special Categories:

Best Marketing: This refers to the campaign used to promote a title. Winning entries will likely have some sort of giveaway or event as a hook.

Best Digital Content: This category is for content that is online only, such as a web series, though it may have subsequently made it to disc during the year.



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