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Last Call

26 Jul, 2009 By: Fred Topel


The Hangover proved to be this summer’s raunchy comedy hit. Warner Bros.’ ‘R’-rated bachelor party antics included stripper breast-feeding, naked Asian gangsters and a photo of fellatio. The norm for home video is to release an extended cut — not an unrated cut — with more dirty stuff than would pass the ratings board for an ‘R,’ but director Todd Phillips won’t mislead buyers.

“We call them extended cuts because if you make an ‘R’-rated movie, what’s unrated?” Phillips says.  “There’s nothing unrated about it. That’s why it’s called an extended cut.”

Instead of nudity or language, some of the extended moments include cameo stars such as Mike Tyson singing Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight.”

“We have Mike Tyson doing the entire song,” Phillips says. “We have some really fun stuff on the Blu-ray.”

The prospect of a Blu-ray Disc release gives Phillips more ideas for bonus features. The Hangover is Phillips’ first film since Blu-ray became the definitive high-definition format.

“It’s my first Blu-ray that I’ll actually be doing,” Phillips says. “They put Old School on Blu-ray, but we didn’t conceive it for Blu-ray, [for which there are] a lot of interesting other things [you can do]. [For Hangover,] we are recording one of those picture-in-picture commentaries. That sort of thing.”

The HD transfer of The Hangover has Phillips really excited. Just seeing the film in high-definition, he says, gave him a sense of pride.

“I think the movie looks pretty good for a comedy,” Phillips says. “Comedies, sometimes, are not necessarily about the look. This movie, I am proud of the way it looks. To go onto Blu-ray with it, I was like, ‘Wow, it really does look great.’”

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