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Candor Entertainment Expands Out of Comedy Online

28 Jul, 2009 By: Chris Tribbey

The New Boyz in “Skinny Jeans: The Movement”

LOS ANGELES — Once a month, at an invite-only event south of Hollywood, up-and-coming comics such as Steve Trevino, Lachlan Patterson and Jason Rouse draw a packed crowd of young adults.

For those who can’t make it on the list at the front door, Candor puts the stand-up clips on Hulu and other Web sites two weeks later, giving the comics a viral push to nearly 30 syndicated locations.

“The great thing about signing up these comics is we can scale up to the distribution platforms,” said Bill Lucas, head of marketing for Candor. “We give the comics exposure.”

Trevino, who got his start with Carlos Mencia’s “Three Amigos Comedy Tour,” said Candor’s event is unique.

“It’s Hollywood, but it’s not Hollywood. I guess you could say it’s the way you wish Hollywood was,” he said. “Getting on the Web is a bonus.”

“They always have a great crowd,” Patterson added. “[They’re] very picky about who they put on. It’s one of the more fun shows in L.A.”

But while Candor is looking to move its comedy act to DVD and cable, it’s also branching out into other areas, Lucas said. Candor is helping to produce an original Web series called “Skinny Jeans: The Movement,” which chronicles the rise of the “Jerk” movement, an urban mix of music and dance.

“Both privileged and underprivileged kids are taking part in this,” Lucas said. “It’s about their fashion, their music, their dance. These kids, because of technology, have been able to recapture the innocence of hip-hop. It’s a positive thing.”

Musical act The New Boyz will star in the 20-episode series, which is currently being taped in the Los Angeles and Orange County area.

“It’s great to see that The Jerk Movement is affecting these kids and their families in such a strong way, using positivity and creativity to inspire the next generation of kids behind them,” said Shariff Hasan, co-producer of the series. “The Jerk community is a viral community, garnering over 50 million views without advertising, and because of technology, this movement also marks the first time that youth culture has an international audience instantly.”

Candor is also producing an original series called “More On America”, a monthly Web comedy that pits liberal hosts against conservative ones in a scripted-comedy setting.

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